Harm Reduction Legal Drugs vs. Illicit Drugs

What is worse? Pharmaceutical drugs or illegal drugs? Let's look at the facts and determine if one is better then the other.
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The internet has made information a nearly infinite commodity, yet valuable trusted information is hard to come by. The super highway is full of as much disinformation as it is information. Even if I was to suggest some sort of expertise in the study of pharmaceutical versus illegal substances, you would have a heck of a time getting anyone to believe you unless you did a double check on other references. This has become habit for truth seekers wanting to maintain their reputation for finding valuable information on the highway of disinformation.

This is one reason you might have sought out this factoid, to help yourself check on the facts and information available about pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs. Are illegal substances as dangerous and evil as the white coats and propagandist would have you believe? Are the sweet miracle drugs they give you from the pharmacy, really as pure and good intentioned as we are told they are?

These are questions that are not asked nearly enough, but thanks to the innovation of the internet and true information, it is becoming a regular thing for individuals everywhere to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Let's look at the differences between Pharmaceuticals/legal drugs and illicit drugs/illegal substances.

Properties: (What they are made of)

-You most basic root street drugs are generally directly derived from plant sources and easily broken down without synthetic help, this would make them "organic", or at least mostly "organic. Some refer to these substances as "natural". (Cannabis, Hashish, Salvia, Opium, Heroine, Cocaine, Mushrooms, LSD, etc)

-You're more advanced street drugs are usually derivatives of pharmaceuticals. Some of them are part organic, some are part synthetic. (methamphetamines, ecstacy, speed, crank, ebombs, PCP, pill cocktails, sherm, etc..)

-Most pharmaceuticals are synthetic in nature. This means that there is generally no part of them that was directly derived from a plant source. At one point in time, almost all pharmaceuticals were simply herb concoctions that some were placed into capsules. Now we see that just about 90% of all pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic and completely made by machines, science and laboratories. (natural pharmaceuticals are generally known as "supplements" or vitamins")

Side Effects: (What are common side effects or reactions to them when they are taken.)

-The most common side effects of the most common pharmaceuticals would make your great grandmother blush, some of them are: rash, stroke, heart attack, clotting, seizure, death, anemia, photosensitivity, slurring, sleeplessness, insomnia, twitching, euphoria, confusion, drowsiness, depression, mood swings, anxiety, hemorrhaging, insanity, heart palpations, deafness, blindness, paralysis, constipation, diarrhea, bloody stool, numbness, poisoning, shock, auto-immune disorder, dementia, autism, fever, vomiting, sight disturbances, irregular breathing, hives, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer and more.

-The most common side effects with Organic type illegal drugs:

*Cannabis, Hashish: Euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, momentary excessive cough, drowsiness, hunger, dry mouth, excessive energy, though provocation, paranoia, short term memory loss, burnt fingers, physiological (mental) addiction.

*Opium, Heroine: Physical addiction, lucid dreaming, drowsiness, digestive system mutations, scarring, ticks, scabs, anxiety, aggression, depression, manic depression, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis, tetanus, cancer, death.

*Cocaine, Coke: Anxiety, excessive energy, heart palpations, sleep disturbances, heart attack, hypersalvation, hyposalvation, dehydration, erectile dysfunction, aggression, sexual dysfunction, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, death, bronchial infection, sinus cancer, weight loss, tuberculosis, lung cancer, anorexia, physical addiction.

*Mushrooms, Salvia (seers sage), organic LSD, organic MDMA (original ecstacy, cannot be found anymore): Slight hallucinations, sight disturbances, dramatic hallucinations, drowsiness, sleeplessness, lucid dreaming, confusion, aggression, delayed bowel movements, diarrhea, cognitive malfunctions, sexual arousal, heightened senses, tracers, vomiting, dizziness, short term memory loss, delayed reactions.

-Most Common Side Effects with Semi or Fully synthetic illegal substances:

*Amphetamines (speed, meth, crank, crystal, etc..): Excessive energy, overreaction, aggression, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, paranoia, fever, liver failure, kidney failure, heart attack, dehydration, excessive perspiration, dizziness, sleep disturbances, insomnia, anemia, anorexia, malnutrition, alertness, sensitivity, manic depression, physical addiction, depression, exaggerated mood swings, cleptomania, immune deficiency, cancer, ticks, death.

*PCP, Ecstacy, Ebombs, Sherm: Extreme hallucinations, ticks, seizure, uncontrollable mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, excessive perspiration, fever, dehydration, sleep disturbances, extreme drowsiness, insomnia, sight disturbances, motor sensory dysfunction, rapid heart palpations, physical and physiological addiction, anxiety, euphoria, delayed reactions, slurred speech, confusion, fear, heart attack, stroke, death.

*Pill Cocktails: Stroke, heart attack, heart palpations, hyposalvation, hypersalvation, liver failure, kidney failure, auto immune disease, tumors, cancer, shock, , clotting, nervousness, anxiety, euphoria, rash, weight gain, weight loss, excessive energy, excessive drowsiness, irregular sleep patterns, hemorrhaging, ulcers, hernia's, manic depression, aggression, cognitive dysfunction, mental chemical imbalances, mood swings, physical and physiological addiction, death.

Cost: (how much do they cost per year, if you were the average consumer buying them)

Pharmaceutical prescriptions:

-Estimated from $100 to $200,000 a year +

Organic Illegal Drugs:

-Estimated from $80 to $100,000 a year +

Semi or Fully Synthetic Illegal Drugs:

-Estimated from $200 to $100,000 a year + (numbers are comparatively low because most users run out of money before these estimations end)

Access: (how hard is it to get these substances)

-Organic substances (cannabis, hashish, cocaine): Easy

-Organic substances (mushrooms, hashish, opium, LSD): Moderately Difficult

-Hard substances (amphetamines, heroine, ecstacy): Moderately Easy

-Hard Substances (PCP, Ebombs): Moderately Difficult

-Moonshine, illegal alcoholic substances: Difficult

-Pill Cocktails, Painkillers, illegal prescription pills: Easy

-Legal Prescription Medications/pills: Moderately Easy

Population Addiction Rate: (How many people are addicted to these substances?)

To make it easy, let's go with America. There are over 304,000,000 people in America (according to a 2009 count)

-Pharmaceuticals (legal and illegal): 23,000,000 American's are hooked on pharmaceuticals

-Cannabis, Hashish, Mushrooms, LSD, Opium: estimated near 100 persons could possibly, maybe be considered physiological addicts.

-Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines: More than 10,000,000 American's

Overall, you can already see that addiction rates are considerately lower than the propagandist would have the people believe. Yet and still, the highest rate of addiction accompanied by the highest rate of addicts, is with pharmaceuticals. Painkillers, tranquilizers, psychotics, muscle relaxers, inhibitors, etc.

The rates among addictiveness of most organic drugs is low, some of them have extremely addicting qualities, however, the majority of the population do not abuse these substances bad enough to be medically declared addicted. Many of these drugs are used regularly by both medicinal and recreational users without every becoming addicted. They become routine, such as coffee or soda might.

The rates of addiction with semi-synthetic illegal drugs is higher than organic drugs, but still, the statistics show that while a large majority of individuals have tried them at one point in time, or even had a short term addiction to them, they are no longer using nor addicted to these substances as life goes on. Many of these drugs such as LSD, ebombs, sherm, PCP and other drugs are merely tried through boredom, coercion or in passing recreation. Those that do become addicted don't usually live very long through the addiction, usually due to freak accidents caused by hallucinations.

Fully synthetic street drugs are very addictive, yet they rate of addiction jumps around on these hard substances. This is for many reasons. 1) Most users run out of money and resources and eventually are forced to quiet or become criminals, to which they get arrested and killed. 2) Many quickly die from their addictions due to over dose, lowering the number of "live addicts".3) They get sick or infected for one reason or another.

Pharmaceuticals are very addictive and what's more is that they are regularly prescribed and encouraged by doctors, making it difficult for those whom need help for various reasons, to get away from the addictive drugs. Most of these drugs will not directly kill you, which is part of why the statistics show more addicts amongst pharmaceutical users. Pharmaceuticals tend to kill off a person slowly through body changes, chemical imbalances and the slow breakdown of vital functions. Occasional use of pharmaceuticals varies on the danger or addiction level depending on the pharmaceutical and goes up and off the charts when semi-long or long term use comes into play.

Which are a worse? Pharmaceutical Drugs or Illegal Drugs?

With the facts laid out before you, it really is up to you to interpret them.

While many hard street drugs are certainly worse then a few midols, there are also plenty of pharmaceuticals with side effects and addictive qualities that would make a junkie poop his pants. Let's look at a few pro's and con's to end this factoid appropriately.



-They are legally available through doctors or pharmacies

-Some can save your life or make your life much easier


-Many are highly addictive

-All have potential risk of death or worse

-They can be and usually are expensive

-Some can make you more sick then you were to begin with

-Big Pharma Take Over is supported when you take them or purchase them

-Many have not been efficiently tested for safety before prescribing them to patients

-Many doctors are widely unaware of the full side effects of pharmaceuticals they prescribe

-Children are more widely addicted to their prescriptions than any other drugs or substances

-They can create mental chemical imbalances that can never be reversed or cured

-They can create physical changes, illnesses and diseases that can never be reversed or cured

-Most are inaccessible to the public for private production due to legalities

Illegal Drugs:


-They are cheap and you usually don't have to pay taxes on them

-Accessible nearly anywhere

-Many are safer then legal recreational substances

-Some have more appropriate. safer and natural medicinal uses

-Some can save your life or make your life easier than any other way

-Most can produce their own illegal substances and easily gain materials for such procedures

-Most who try these substances, do not continue long term use or become addicts

-Most side effects are widely known and the information is easy to attain.


-They are illegal

-Many illegal substances are highly addictive

-Many can cause death or worse within one application

-Some can cause physical or mental changes that can never be reversed or cured

-Some can create lifestyle changes that are extremely hard to change or reverse

-Most are more easily available on school campuses than anywhere else

When it comes to putting any substance in your body, legal or illegal, there are always risks. Some risk your body, some risk your mind and some risk your life. Many risk things that are worse then death and many are hardly imaginable until you read about them in the media, see them for yourself or experience them for yourself. Even with that in mind, most of it is not worth the risk to the majority of individuals whom have tried either legal or illegal substances.

Make sure to do your research before putting any substances, no matter what they are, into your body. The physical vessel you have is the only one you get in this life and you'll want to consider what you might live through and possible have to live with, after your experiences. Many do not consider these concepts in their "bigger picture" and end up causing irreparable damage to their bodies, minds and spirits.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't or that you won't try substances that are out there, it is simply a warning that it is wisest to know what you are taking before you take it, so that you may at least understand the consequences when they come.

Be Safe and Good Luck!


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